Inclusion in practice

not in promise

Pueblo was born out of three intersecting philosophies:

Community engagement begins

within the physical and metaphorical walls of an organization, with the humans who advance the mission through their individual and collective efforts. They are the first community you are responsible for and accountable to. Their intersectionality represents the many communities you seek to serve. By nurturing and celebrating their contributions while leveraging their lived experience, you can arrive at a shared intention that bridges the trust of external communities so that meaningful and sustainable relationships can flourish.

Inclusion, representation, equity, justice, and access

is everyone's job. The culture of an organization is determined through an ever evolving, intersectional, and nuanced journey. The realities that each organization or individual are navigating vary greatly by their time and place. The ability to adjust to shifting realities takes intention and practice. The challenge in many cases, is recognizing the opportunities to practice and to pursue progress, not perfection.

Deep community relationships are the goal.

The action of effective listening will uncover the realities your institution is navigating and allow the true picture of your organizational culture to come into focus. With clarity comes intention. This will enable the development of responsive strategies that lead to meaningful change and lasting relationships.

Who I am

My name is Daniel Aguirre. I am a proud son, grandson, father, brother, partner and immigrant. My professional experience was earned through community organizing, working in and with cultural institutions, STEM professionals, science communication professionals as well as formal and informal education. My body of work was built on a foundation of naming and dismantling the many systemic, dominant culture burdens placed upon communities experiencing marginalization. My lived experience has provided me with a deeper understanding of the existing and historical systems that keep communities marginalized and prevent upward and outward mobility. I have navigated through and out of those very systems and it is not a matter of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

I founded Pueblo to partner with organizations and individuals who are on this journey. Those who want to go beyond outreach, into effective, responsive, and relevant engagement that leads to meaningful change and relationships. I know that to serve with purpose and intentionality, we must begin by looking inward at the existing culture and systems that shape an organization. At Pueblo, we partner with organizations to help them realize a culture that is inclusive in practice, not in promise.

Meet the TeamMeet the Team

Oh, where to start in recommending Daniel? Maybe by saying that I would follow Daniel anywhere. I would trust him to say the things that needed to be said, to show me things I may not see on my own, and through it all to still somehow find ways to inspire me to want to be a better evaluator and researcher. The past year has been filled with opportunities and challenges as we each face the ways we are complicit in the racism that is alive and well in the systems we work within. Daniel can deliver every word in his intersecting philosophies, and I truly believe that his approach can be transformational for those who are ready to do this work.

Every now and then you meet someone who completely changes the way you look at your work. Daniel is one of them. He is exceptionally perceptive, deeply compassionate, and identifies critical nuances that can transform the way a team or individual operates. He recognizes the power of collective knowledge and skillfully creates spaces that respect, cultivate, and amplify the insights of the communities he serves. I've learned a great deal about meaningful community engagement from Daniel, and his influence continues to improve my organization's ability to serve our mission inclusively, effectively, and in closer alignment with our values.

I have worked alongside Daniel for more than two-years now, and there isn't a form long enough to hold all of the good things I have to say about him. He has provided in-depth, needed support for projects based at the MIT Museum and active in regions throughout the US and Canada. He is incredibly present, emotionally aware, and can always read a room (even over Zoom). These abilities mean that his contributions are relevant and valuable to whomever he is working with, from junior practitioners to institutional leaders. Daniel is a very careful listener, but he is also capable of finding just the right way to challenge someone's assumptions when needed. All of this means that he can quickly and profoundly affect they way people think about--and do--their work.

Daniel is a leader. Thoughtful in his approach to the dissection of complex issues, he is mindful of the nuances of human bias and is relentless in the identification of the root causes that hinder mutual understanding. Since becoming acquainted with Daniel Aguirre, I have learned to be a more effective listener, examiner of beliefs, and observer of human behavior. As a practitioner, Daniel understands how to reach the people. Some of the people I have observed him reach are on the ground working toward change, while others are in the offices where those changes are decided. Daniel's work is hyper focused on community building that supports a transformation in culture, from the ground up.

Working alongside Daniel has been nothing short of a blessing. As a person of color, he has helped me to feel heard, valued, and empowered to be ok expressing my thoughts and actions both personally and professionally. When you work with Daniel, you are going to face some hard truths, and he is going to help you navigate those truths in a way that is non judgmental, liberating, and centered in love. If you are an organization that is looking to include ALL voices within your community, I can think of no one better to facilitate that. He has a way of tapping into very real thoughts and feelings. He does NOT rush the process, he does not exclude experiences, and he finds effective ways to bring actions to the voices he elevates. I highly recommend Daniel as an organizational change agent, community organizer, a lifter of voices, a community advocate, and thought partner.

My work with Daniel has been transformational. His authentic way of connecting and engaging with communities has inspired me in my own DEI journey, and also an inspiration on what right looks like. Daniel’s approach to community engagement is innovative and holistic...leveraging relationships and authentic engagement to understand the needs of the communities in which he is trying to reach. He is a DEI leader, he is a trailblazer, he has a story that illustrates how resilience and perseverance have the power to triumph over adversity!

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