Who I am

My name is Daniel Aguirre. I am a proud son, grandson, father, brother, partner and immigrant. My professional experience was earned through community organizing, working in and with cultural institutions, STEM professionals, science communication professionals as well as formal and informal education. My body of work was built on a foundation of naming and dismantling the many systemic, dominant culture burdens placed upon communities experiencing marginalization. My lived experience has provided me with a deeper understanding of the existing and historical systems that keep communities marginalized and prevent upward and outward mobility. I have navigated through and out of those very systems and it is not a matter of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. 

I founded Pueblo to partner with organizations and individuals who are on this journey. Those who want to go beyond outreach, into effective, responsive, and relevant engagement that leads to meaningful change and relationships. I know that to serve with purpose and intentionality, we must begin by looking inward at the existing culture and systems that shape an organization. At Pueblo, we partner with organizations to help them realize a culture that is inclusive in practice, not in promise.

Meet the Pueblo Team

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within the physical and metaphorical walls of an organization, with the humans who advance the mission through their individual and collective efforts. They are the first community you are responsible for and accountable to. Their intersectionality represents the many communities you seek to serve. By nurturing and celebrating their contributions while leveraging their lived experience, you can arrive at a shared intention that bridges the trust of external communities so that meaningful and sustainable relationships can flourish.

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is everyone's job. The culture of an organization is determined through an ever evolving, intersectional, and nuanced journey. The realities that each organization or individual are navigating vary greatly by their time and place. The ability to adjust to shifting realities takes intention and practice. The challenge in many cases, is recognizing the opportunities to practice and to pursue progress, not perfection.

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The action of effective listening will uncover the realities your institution is navigating and allow the true picture of your organizational culture to come into focus. With clarity comes intention. This will enable the development of responsive strategies that lead to meaningful change and lasting relationships.

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