Who I am

My name is Daniel Aguirre. I am a proud son, grandson, father, brother, partner and immigrant. My professional experience was earned through community organizing, working in and with cultural institutions, STEM professionals, science communication professionals as well as formal and informal education. My body of work was built on a foundation of naming and dismantling the many systemic, dominant culture burdens placed upon communities experiencing marginalization. My lived experience has provided me with a deeper understanding of the existing and historical systems that keep communities marginalized and prevent upward and outward mobility. I have navigated through and out of those very systems and it is not a matter of pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.

I founded Pueblo to partner with organizations and individuals who are on this journey. Those who want to go beyond outreach, into effective, responsive, and relevant engagement that leads to meaningful change and relationships. I know that to serve with purpose and intentionality, we must begin by looking inward at the existing culture and systems that shape an organization. At Pueblo, we partner with organizations to help them realize a culture that is inclusive in practice, not in promise.

Meet the Pueblo Team

Ashanti Davis

Ashanti Davis is an Artist, Thinker, Social Justice Advocate, and Arts and Culture Practitioner who believes in the power of art and creativity to create meaningful change. She has led interdisciplinary teams in the development of unique STE(A)M experiences and exhibitions and has co-instigated and chaired internal groups for Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Accessibility. Now, Ms. Davis is the Program Director for Coyote Central in Seattle, WA, and the Community Experiences Designer for Pueblo. Ashanti is an Alumni Fellow of the ASTC Leadership and Diversity Fellowship program, a Steering Committee Member for the Gender Equity in Museums Movement, received a BA in Creative Arts and Communications from Richmond American International University in London, and an MA in Museum Studies and Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Johns Hopkins University in 2021. Catalyzing meaningful change through lenses of social justice, curiosity, and creativity for all communities is her guiding star. 

As Community Experiences Designer, I use cultural fluency, program development and experience design to support the whole experience of partners. This extends to exhibitions, programs and experiences across multiple mediums.

Stacey Baker

Stacey Baker was raised in a rural environment by a community of dairy farmers, shaping the way she navigates the world. Her education (B.S. in Zoology, M.S. in Biology) and experience as a scientific researcher and science communication practitioner illuminated the many barriers that communities face when interacting with science. Her experience includes planning and executing large scale science events, managing complex cross sector collaborations, training professional scientists in advancing more equitable communications practices, and facilitating honest conversations. She deeply understands that human centered design is non-negotiable for connecting meaningfully with people and embeds mental and emotional health, social justice principles, and relationship building into every aspect of how she works and supports the work of others. Stacey is a feminist, biologist, rock climber, cat companion, bookworm, coffee addict and baked goods enthusiast.

As the Community Experiences Harmonizer, I am actively sensing and creating balance within our projects, between our programs, and with our partners, supporting everything from big picture strategy to thoughtful details. For me, harmony is an overall feeling of peace and joy because we are honoring the realities of our experiences, which leads to alignment of our ideas, feelings, and actions which strengthen our work, creativity, and relationships.

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